The prevention of prostatitis

The prevention of prostatitis, men have the need, today, is because of the 30% and 50% of the representatives of the stronger sex in some way or another suffer from this disease.

A general activities to prevent the further divided into:

  • the primary is to avoid prostatitis;
  • the secondary, for the one who has sent down the disease and for those who want to transition her to the chronic phase.
the man is exercising on the floor

The prevention of prostatitis

Often, the prostatitis can lead to stagnant processes in the prostate gland. It's not good enough for you, washed in the blood, and, therefore, poor in oxygen. This leads to a deterioration in the functioning of the prostate gland. So, for the men, who have a great deal of time for a sitting, you are at great risk. For the prevention of prostatitis should be to carry out the physical exercise. They promote the blood flow, which results in the improvement of muscle tone, the breast, the normalization secretory activity.

One more simple exercise that you can do to prevent prostatitis is to shorten the muscles in the body. To learn more about which muscles these are, the need to pass urine at the time of the delay of the stream. This will make it so that the tension of a particular muscle group. It's the regular stretching to increase blood flow to the gland.

To begin with, you may want to try the 10 line sections. It is only at first glance, it seems simple to do. Because the muscles are not trained, it can occur that the discomfort. You should take it as a rule and do it in a day (5 times, 30 of the abbreviations used, for example, during the wash, on the way home, or at work. When the exercises no longer make you uncomfortable, it can also be a approach of performing up to 100 cuts.

This is just one of the exercises that you can do it with the purpose of prevention of prostatitis in men. Presented by dr. Kegel. In addition to this, there are a number of other disciplines, all contribute to the flow of blood to the body.

For example, the prevention of prostatitis can run the following:

  • in the heels;
  • the back squat;
  • large mahi ft.
  • "the birch";
  • "on the bike".

Exercises can be added to the tours. And this has to be done on a regular basis. The men who practice walking, they are not likely to suffer from prostatitis. The minimum distance that needs to be done to prevent prostatitis — 4 miles a day.

What is the supplement of the exercise.

The shower

In the primary prevention of prostatitis in men, it suggests, and other things, such as, for example, an experience shower, which is focused in the area of the groin. This is as well increases the the circulation of blood in-the. It is carried out, it is very simple to do. At the crotch pipe with the flow of the water from the shower and from time to time, by changing its temperature 30segundos — warm-almost-hot water for 15 seconds, cool to room temperature. The procedure should take no longer than 5 minutes. Its better to do it before you go to bed.

The massage of the prostate gland

Very useful for the prevention of prostatitis, men will massage the perineum. Do your very best in bed. You need to find a small area between the anus and the scrotum (near the bottom). Beneath the scrotum is left in the pelvic bone. In the area where it is over, and you will need to make an effort, but it is not too long. The massage should be done in about 4 to 5 minutes, it's better in the evening, after a contrast shower before going to bed. These procedures will provide for a good blood flow to the prostate gland. And if you do them all the time, prostatitis can be prevented.

The constant sex life

An important role in the health of the man, and, therefore, the prevention of prostatitis, having sex. How often, as well as the nature of sexual life can affect the state of your prostate gland directly. But at the end you enter, it is not worth it: the uncontrolled sexual relations, they become a source of infection. The negative impact on the health of the prostate gland, reflecting a prolonged period of abstinence, in a way, intentional, delay, or interruption of the action. Therefore, the optimal choice for the prevention of prostatitis in men it's as regular sex, with a partner, permanently.

Proper nutrition

It reduces the chances of getting prostatitis, and healthy eating. To avoid excessively high-calorie and spicy foods, to diversify the diet, so the disease is not going to the more "holes" into the body. On the menu, all of the men are expected to be present in vegetables, fruits, nuts, pumpkin seeds, seafood, garlic, and the chopped nuts. The consumption of alcoholic beverages (beer in particular) should be minimised. It is not recommended, and by the enthusiasm of the cafe. In addition to all of that, you need to avoid hyperthermia to the body. For the men, it's not worth swimming in cold water or sit in a cool finish.

Secondary prevention of prostatitis

But if the disease has not yet managed to avoid it, and then after the recovery, you need to think about the secondary prevention of prostatitis. It includes the following activities:

  1. The purchase of prescription drugs;
  2. Regular visits to the doctor-the urologist doesn't matter if you are in the presence of the clinical symptoms of the disease or not;
  3. Regularly 1 time (s) every three (3) months is recommended for the first year after it has been paid for the full course of treatment). Over the next 3 years, a visit to a urologist should be at least 1 time per year;
  4. After 40 years, the man has to be the ultra sound of the prostate gland.

The prevention of prostatitis, chronic any drug, it is only assigned to your by your doctor. Get what you need to do it on the regular basis. For the prevention of prostatitis are allocated of the drugs that affect the metabolism of the prostate gland, and the reviewers urodynamics. When the etiology of the disease, inflammatory disease, are attributed to the anti-inflammatory drug, which selectively, in order to improve the state of the prostate gland. The receipt of antiviral drugs, warns prostatitis an infectious nature. If you have a history of the disease, in prostatitis, bacterial of the nature of the patient is shown the antimicrobial. For the prevention of prostatitis are allocated to and add-ons. It stimulates the flow of blood into the prostate gland to prevent inflammation.

A special sequence of characters that you need to in order to highlight the massage of the prostate gland. It is not only a method for the treatment, but it is also a method for the prevention of prostatitis. In essence, the iron is not a mechanical action, very similar to the palpation of the prostate gland when diagnosed. During the massage, there is the irritation of the nerve endings and the pump. This leads to an improvement of the blood circulation in the body, the more intense is the flow of nutrients and oxygen. The end result will be an acceleration of the process of recovery. Massage also involves, for 8 to 10 treatments. They are carried out through out the day. As a rule, after the 5th session the better results. The Re-course to pass about 3 weeks after the completion of the first one. It is necessary to maintain the results.

And one more important point: prostatitis is one of the most insidious and the most common diseases in men, and the old, and in the middle of the age range. Therefore, the prevention and control of communicable diseases don't need to leave it for later. Especially, this is true for men, who lead a sedentary life, are prone to stress and hypothermia.