Can chronic prostatitis be cured with folk remedies?

Prostatitis is a serious disease associated with inflammatory processes in the genitals, one of which is the prostate. Initiate a course of prostatitis treatment, including considering alternative methods.

Chronic prostatitis occurs over a long period of time. Its symptoms appear longer than in acute prostatitis, and long-term treatment is prescribed. Manifestations of symptoms can be in various forms:

  • For pain in the groin area;
  • Pain during urination;
  • For pain in the anus;
  • Regularly to the toilet;
  • With a feeling of heaviness in the groin area;
  • In the absence of arousal and erection;
  • With weak stimulation of the genital organs;
  • Pain during ejaculation;
  • With spontaneous ejaculation;

If most of the symptoms are detected, you should immediately contact a doctor and undergo an examination, having passed all the necessary tests.

Traditional treatment methods

Many men wonder if chronic prostatitis can be cured with folk remedies. The answer lies in the effectiveness of traditional medical treatments. Many doctors recommend this method as one of the main methods, along with prostate massage and the use of antibiotics. Folk remedies consist of natural ingredients that have a positive effect on all organs in the human body.

A man cures chronic prostatitis with folk remedies

This method of treatment has a positive effect on the function of the pelvic organs. Blood circulation is improved, blood clots are melted, damaged cells in prostate tissue are restored. In addition, folk remedies do not have chemical additives that affect the body during treatment. However, such treatment is effective only in the early stages of the disease and gives positive results in combination with antibiotics. It is possible to treat prostatitis, relying only on drugs of folk origin, but it takes too long, and in further cases, it is not very effective.

Treatment with crop seeds

So, the traditional way to treat this disease is pumpkin seeds. They contain high amounts of zinc, which is one of the main components needed for testosterone production in men. Seeds eliminate hormonal disorders in the body. A small amount of seeds should be eaten before meals for two months. You can make honey porridge from pumpkin seeds. The raw material should be ground in a meat grinder or coffee grinder and mixed with bee honey. Swallow by mouth before eating. Alternative treatment of chronic prostatitis with this method has a positive effect.

Pumpkin seeds with honey help fight chronic prostatitis

Parsley seeds. Grind the seeds to thicken and dilute a few tablespoons with one liter of water. Take three times a day before meals.

Treatment with tincture based on the fruit of the tree

Chestnut will tell you how to treat chronic prostatitis with folk remedies. In the fight against this disease, the stomach will help - a kind of chestnut. The fruit of aesculus itself is poisonous and unfit for consumption, but its skin has medicinal properties. Chestnuts are considered ripe in September, then the skin is saturated with nutrients, and acquires medicinal value.

Before preparing the broth, the shells should be dried slightly at room temperature. The dried raw material is mixed with boiling water. For effective treatment, you need to drink one glass a day, before meals. This infusion has another effect on the body - increases appetite. For this reason, many people use enemas, after adding a little warm water to the infusion. Before use, you must clean the rectal area while going to the toilet. It is best to include an enema once a day, before bed.

Pear as a method of treating chronic prostatitis effectively with folk remedies. The fruit of the pear tree helps well in the treatment of prostatitis. It is best to drink fruit compote. This method is suitable for treatment and prevention. An alternative option in winter is to dry the foliage and fruits from the pear tree. Herbal tea from this raw material will prevent the appearance of chronic prostatitis, and will also contribute to a speedy recovery.

Treatment with decoctions based on wood raw materials

Treatment of chronic prostatitis in men will help traditional medicine based on hazelnuts. Need to take a few branches of hazel, its foliage, pour hot water and boil for about 10 minutes. Then cool the infusion naturally. The cooled broth must be filtered and poured into a container similar to a basin. Dilute the liquid with hot water and soak the perineum for 20 minutes. This bath must be taken daily.

Treatment of prostatitis with folk remedies, the main component of which is aspen. Bark is removed from the tree during rubber harvesting. It is important that it has not bloomed at that time. The top layer of 3 millimeters is removed from the aspen, after which it is dried in the sun or in room condition. Dried skin must be crushed into small pieces and filled with alcohol diluted with water in a ratio of 1: 1. It is recommended to insert the raw material for about two weeks, placing it in a dark, dry place. For best effect, the tincture should be shaken once a day throughout the cooking time. After the allotted time, the liquid should be filtered through a strainer in the form of a tea strainer or with gauze. The course of treatment with this infusion is 2 months. You need to drink 1 milliliter daily before meals, after diluting with a little water.

Treatment with medicinal ingredients

Celandine. Mix the dry ingredients with alcohol and leave in a glass jar for about 10 days. After that, it is necessary to tighten the color and take 1 milliliter three times a day, after diluting it with water. After undergoing treatment for ten days, you need to rest for one and a half weeks, then start taking the medication again.

The alcohol color of celandine - a folk remedy for chronic prostatitis

Parsley green. To get the juice, you need to crush the raw material well. Take the resulting liquid in one teaspoon before each meal.

Kalanchoe. Plant rubber has anti-inflammatory effects. The substances in it actively destroy the bacteria that infect the cells. The leaves of the plant must be finely chopped and crushed to obtain juice. For proper preparation, you should take one glass of such mass, then pour 2. 5 glasses of alcohol. Insist the resulting mixture for 5 days in a dark place. Taking this medication will relieve swelling, improve blood circulation in the pelvic organs, and also normalize blood pressure. It is recommended to take the tincture before meals, one teaspoon once a day.

Payment for the treatment of prostatitis

Accumulation of willow tea, ginseng and meadowsweet will relieve inflammation. You can add a little licorice to them. Pour boiling water over the ingredients in equal amounts and leave for about 30 minutes. After this, the broth must be cooled. Take one glass once a day, before meals. This collection can be added in its present form to propolis by making candles. A mixture of these medicinal components will relieve not only inflammation, but also swelling, as well as pain during urination.

An excellent remedy is a mixture of mint leaves, nettle, horsetail and calendula leaves. Calendula will relieve inflammation and act as an antiseptic, as well as improve blood circulation. Healing mint will improve kidney function, relieving discomfort when going to the toilet. Nettle will enrich the body with vitamins A, B, C, increase the number of lecithin seeds and improve sperm quality. In addition, it will enrich the blood with iron and boost immunity. Horsetail has a healing and antibacterial effect, as well as getting rid of toxins from the body. To get a decoction of this ingredient, it is necessary to mix it in equal parts and pour boiling water over it. Insist for several days. Take one tablespoon before each meal.

Juice in the fight against disease

Effective in combating prostatitis and juice treatment. It is important to understand that commercially available products are made from powder and have no beneficial properties. That is why treatment requires the availability of fresh products-fruits and vegetables.

Carrot juice will help increase potency by increasing sperm activity and quality. The liquid must be drunk half a glass a day before each meal. Since concentrated juice can cause the skin to yellow, it should be diluted with water in a ratio of 1: 1.

Natural juices are an effective helper in the fight against chronic prostatitis

Juice from fresh cucumber will lower blood pressure, improve blood circulation and relieve swelling. The concentrate must be diluted 1: 1 with water and drunk one liter a day on an empty stomach. However, such treatment is contraindicated for those with kidney and stomach diseases.

Beet juice improves blood circulation in the body, helps get rid of toxins, and also increases blood pressure. In addition, beets have a healing effect. Diluted fluids must be taken daily before each meal.

Another method

To prevent the onset of chronic prostatitis, prevention should also be done. This is needed to prevent the emergence of new diseases and prevent the development of existing diseases. Performing simple actions that are a traditional medical option will help to have regular sexual intercourse, improve the patient’s physical performance, and even normalize the lifestyle.

First of all, you need to switch to proper nutrition, which includes a balanced diet. Add products that have a positive effect on the central nervous system and strengthen the walls of blood vessels, as well as products that increase blood flow.

You should start playing sports to improve physical performance. Systematic physical education will help improve blood circulation, strengthen the walls of blood vessels and muscle tissue. Also, endurance exercise will help eliminate the problem of excess weight and normalize hormone levels. As a result, it improves well -being and increases potential.

Eat foods rich in vitamins. These include boiled fish, boiled chicken, broccoli, carrots, fresh tomatoes and cucumbers.

It is recommended to take methods that strengthen the immune system. The best immune stimulants are fresh fruits and vegetables. The best option is freshly squeezed juice.

In addition, a visit to the attending physician for a prostate examination is mandatory.

Many treatment methods have positive reviews, but your priorities are antibiotics, prostate massage and treatments with natural products recommended by traditional medicine.