What are the antibiotics for prostatitis to choose?

antibiotics for the treatment of prostatitis

Prostatitis is a disease of the male reproductive system. It is most common in middle -aged men. There are several types of this disease, respectively, and you can get sick for a variety of reasons. Some patients practice antibiotic treatment of prostatitis at home without consulting a doctor. This is not worth doing. What antibiotics to drink for prostatitis, adenomas, doctors know better than you. Before starting treatment, it is very important to know what prostatitis is.

The disease occurs with inflammation of the organs of a man's genitourinary system. Treatment is prescribed by a doctor, taking into account many individual characteristics of the patient.

Such activities are performed when healing is impossible without a course of antibiotics. Antibiotic treatment is not always possible.

Prostatitis can be of two types: non -bacterial and bacterial. Antimicrobial drugs cannot cure non -bacterial prostatitis.

The indication for antibiotic treatment is a persistent acute bacterial infection of the prostate gland. To determine how to treat the disease, the doctor prescribes the necessary tests.

Non -infectious inflammation of the prostate gland

There was no increase in white blood cell count, and the culture tank was negative. Also called chronic pelvic pain.

Symptomatic treatment is carried out. If the patient has a positive tuberculosis test, he or she is transferred to the urology department of the TB dispensary.

Tuberculosis of the prostate

Diagnostic conclusions are made based on a biopsy of the prostate gland. Prostate tuberculosis develops rather acutely. The patient complained of weakness, mild fever and malaise

Infectious form of prostatitis

With an increase in the number of white blood cells (over 25). This indicates infectious prostatitis.

In such cases, antibiotic therapy is used. Antibiotics for prostatitis are prescribed the day after diagnosis.

This drug was chosen because of the greatest sensitivity of pathogens to it. You can take antibiotics with a broad spectrum of action. If the treatment results are not adhered to, then an inoculation tank is taken and a drug with a more targeted spectrum of action is prescribed.


Remember that there are no antibiotics for everything at once. The antibiotics you take must be on the list of effective antibiotics.

No need to self -medicate, prostatitis cannot be cured like that, it only worsens the condition. It is necessary to choose the most effective drug.

The dose and duration of the course depend on the severity of the course of the disease. Often, antibiotics with a broad spectrum of action are used for prostatitis and adenomas. The treatment lasts an average of several months.


Heat therapy and prostate massage can be performed only if tuberculosis is excluded, as it contributes to the exacerbation of the course of the disease.

Antidepressants and sedatives are used during advanced prostatitis, which cause significant disruption in the patient’s normal life and contribute to depression. Doctors themselves choose which antibiotics to take for prostatitis.

In addition to microorganisms, fungi can also cause prostatitis. Therefore, doctors may prescribe antimicrobial medications for the treatment of non -bacterial prostatitis and uncomplicated infections.

Drug classification

There are several classes of drugs to treat bacterial prostatitis. Fluoroquinolones are the most effective today.

They are excellent for curing bacterial forms of prostatitis. Neurotoxic and phototoxic. Use if tuberculosis is completely excluded.

This category of drugs is used to treat all forms of tuberculosis; they should not be used if the patient has not been bred for tuberculosis.

Anti-tuberculosis therapy includes at least four drugs. Treatment with one drug will only cause resistance to tubercle basil. This is fraught with manifestations of a chronic form of tuberculosis, tuberculosis of the reproductive system that is very dangerous and incurable.

If, when the patient experiences a significant improvement after taking fluoroquinolone preparations, after several months of canceling the course, a relapse is observed, then it is necessary to contact for more accurate examination, prescribe tuberculin testing in specialized institutions - tuberculosis dispensaries.

The use of tetracycline has recently decreased significantly due to the development of resistance to them in most strains of pathogenic microorganisms.

The penicillin group today is represented by the modification of amoxicillin with the addition of clavuanic acid, which has the greatest antibacterial effect.

The best antibiotics - antibiotics of the macrolide group are rarely used in the treatment of prostatitis. Advantages: low toxicity, high activity against mycoplasma and chlamydia. It is sold in pharmacies under the names clarithromycin and azithromycin. Now you know what antibiotics are used to treat prostatitis.

Remember that effective antibiotics are antibiotics that are not resistant to microorganisms. Not all antibiotics can do this. This must be kept in mind when determining the course of treatment.

For the treatment of acute bacterial prostatitis, it is best to use fluoroquinolones, aminoglycosides and macrolides. More than two antibiotics are also prescribed to relieve inflammation more quickly.

Take care of yourself and do not delay treatment. After all, health is the only one for you for a lifetime! Use only qualified medical help and do not self -medicate.