Cheap and effective for prostatitis

Inflammation of the prostate gland affects every third man in old age, according to unofficial sources. In medicine, all men aged 40 and over are at risk. Prostatitis and prostate adenoma are common male diseases today that require efficient drug treatment prescribed by a physician.

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Prostate adenoma is a hyperplasia of the gland, which is the result of the formation of small nodules that prevent the presence of normal urinary processes. And if the disease is not treated, the neoplasm can easily turn into a malignant tumor. If you choose the right medication for BPH, it will be benign.

Drug group

The pharmaceutical market is full of various drugs for the treatment of prostatitis and prostate hyperplasia, sometimes it is very difficult to choose the right drug. In the case of adenomas, only a doctor should prescribe drugs, because all drugs are divided into groups according to composition, principle of action, degree of effect, etc. The list can go on for a long time, people who do not know can not overcome such a choice.

Drugs for the treatment of adenomas are divided into several groups:

  1. With androgens in the composition - it is used to treat prostatitis, as it increases the tone of the detrusor, facilitates the process of emptying the bladder.
  2. The composition considers progesterone - a drug also called antiandrogen, in men they reduce the size of the adenoma, and also promise analgesic effect. In medical practice, the drug is combined with electrophoresis, massage or phonophoresis.
  3. Herbal anti -inflammatory drugs - tablets and powders of this format have a longer effect, but at the same time guarantee a strong antiseptic effect. To combat prostatitis, as well as to treat adenomas, coltsfoot, sage, parsley or dill, nettle or chamomile are used.

If the neoplasm is detected in a timely manner, treatment can be conservative and less harmful to the body of a man with a good prognosis from a specialist. Also, doctors can prescribe probiotics to patients, as they increase the intestinal microflora, thereby increasing the body's defenses.

Rectal suppositories

The most effective way to treat the prostate is considered to be the use of rectal suppositories with a widespread effect in the focus of the disease. Today, pharmacy departments in various types offer many options of rectal suppositories aimed at eliminating the inflammatory process in the prostate area. Experts advise the following:

  1. Suppositories with indomethacin, which help reduce edema, relieve inflammation, contribute to the normal function of the prostate gland. Candles can be used even in neglected cases.
  2. Ichthyol suppositories - they initially restore the normal process of blood circulation, while providing analgesic and antiseptic effect. Despite the specific smell, the candles are completely harmless and have no contraindications.
  3. Suppositories with propolis are inexpensive and effective suppositories for relieving pain during bladder emptying with excellent anti-inflammatory effects. They can also be used without a prescription for prophylaxis.

It is not known until the end whether it is possible to cure prostate adenoma with topical medications, but more often doctors prescribe complex treatments to block the process of tissue proliferation. Rectal suppositories are almost always used, as they act locally on the lesion.


As for tablets, all drugs that are effective for internal use available today can also be divided into several groups:

  • Antispasmodics - such pills are intended to relieve muscle spasms, relax muscles, thereby promoting better blood circulation. Treatment will be effective, pills selected by a physician.
  • Anti -inflammatory drugs - in the case of acute adenoma, what drugs to treat the disease should be decided by the doctor, he should also choose a drug to relieve inflammation. Indications for its use are prostatitis and adenomas, and timely use prevents the transition of the disease to a chronic form.
  • Antibiotics for prostate adenoma - such drugs can be used if the adenoma is provoked by an infection or bacteria that affects the prostate.

Many new generation modern medicines are in great demand, as there are fewer contraindications and side effects for their use. In order for antibiotics for prostate adenoma to help in treatment, you must strictly adhere to the instructions and dosage prescribed by the doctor.


Non -surgical treatment in cases of adenoma is possible if the patient seeks specialist help in the early stages of development of hyperplasia. To quickly suppress the process of excessive tissue growth, injections may be prescribed, which help increase the strength of the immune system. The rate of disease progression depends on the immune system, therefore immunomodulators are often included in the treatment complex.

Such drugs promote the regrowth of damaged tissue, it is a prerequisite for successful conservative treatment. In addition, they protect the glands from the negative effects of the virus. The course of therapy and the required dose are determined by a physician.


Conservative treatment or prevention of prostatitis can be carried out with homeopathic preparations based on extracts and herbal extracts. Phytopreparations have no side effects and contraindications, they slowly affect the affected organs in a complex way.

Sometimes Chinese urological patches can be used, as its components also help reduce the condition of the prostate, relieve inflammation, edema, relieve pain and stimulate immunity. It is only important to start treatment on time and not to self -medicate.

The cheapest and most effective suppository for prostatitis

Rectal suppositories for prostatitis and prostate adenoma are widely used in medicine. Its use is very convenient, as it has a direct effect on the affected glands. Due to the local nature of the effects, they do not have unpleasant side effects such as stomach and intestinal irritation. In terms of speed of action, they also have advantages over drugs in tablets. All this makes the use of suppositories for prostatitis one of the most effective means in the complex of therapeutic measures for male diseases.

Instructions and features of use

Given the question of the benefits of rectal suppositories (suppositories) in the treatment of prostate disease, it should be noted that these funds should not be used as the only way to cure this disease. The symptoms and treatment of this disease are well known and involve a variety of different therapeutic interventions.

Good effects from the use of suppositories can be achieved with the following pathologies:

  • acute and chronic prostatitis;
  • BPH;
  • infectious lesions of the urinary tract;
  • complications of prostatitis.

In addition, suppositories can be useful in preparing patients for surgery on the prostate, as well as in the postoperative recovery period.

Compared to drugs in other forms of relief, rectal suppositories for men should be used, taking into account their characteristics.

They must be used, adhering to certain rules:

  • it is necessary to study the instructions for use of the drug well in terms of its interaction with other drugs;
  • before using candles, it is necessary to clean the intestines by visiting the toilet and make a micro -cleansing enema;
  • to ensure maximum contact with the prostate gland, the wax should be inserted only in the prone position;
  • after the introduction of candles, it is better to lie for another half hour on your stomach while the drug is absorbed;
  • it is better to perform the procedure in the evening before bedtime.

Adhering to these simple rules, you can achieve the maximum possible results from the use of anal suppositories for prostatitis.

Classification of funds that can be used

There are many different medications for male diseases that are produced in the form of rectal suppositories. They are classified according to the active ingredient and its mode of action. In this case, when symptoms of the disease appear, it is important to know which suppository to use.

There are such types of candles:

  1. Antimicrobial. Suppositories from prostatitis with antibiotics can fight the infection effectively. They also have antispasmodic properties. Rifampicin is usually used as the active ingredient in this type of suppository. These are antibiotics from the ansacimin group. It has good penetration properties into tissues and fluids, which gives it the best performance.
  2. Anti-inflammatory. Positive effects are achieved due to the inclusion of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory substances in their composition. Anti-inflammatory drugs for prostatitis are part of a complex of therapeutic measures. In addition to the anti-inflammatory effect, the presence of NSAIDs allows the use of such suppositories to relieve pain and significantly reduce swelling. In addition, such suppositories for the treatment of prostatitis and prostate adenoma promote the regrowth of affected tissue.
  3. Suppositories relieve pain for prostatitis. The suppository component must be an agent that has the property of having an analgesic effect. Paracetamol is usually used for this. This drug is considered one of the safest and can also cause antipyretic effects. In addition, painkillers for prostatitis may contain analgesics.
  4. Antifungal. This type of suppository is used in cases where the cause of the disease is a fungal infection.
  5. Immunostimulation. In addition to strengthening the immune system, these suppositories can have antimicrobial effects.

The most commonly used medication

The list of suppositories for prostatitis is quite extensive. Candles can be used as soon as the first signs of illness appear. Antibacterial suppositories for prostatitis are used only as directed by the attending physician.

Candles are made yourself

In cases where the patient, for whatever reason, is unable to use industrial medicine and is proficient in folk medicine, suppositories for the treatment of prostatitis can be made independently.

Here is the easiest recipe:

  1. Propolis, beeswax, goat or goat fat in equal parts must be mixed with rubbing alcohol.
  2. Place the resulting mixture in a water bath and heat, stirring occasionally, until it becomes evenly thickened.
  3. Blind suppositories of the resulting material. One candle should be 5 cm long and 1 cm in diameter.

Candles made in this way are kept in the refrigerator.

The use of handmade propolis suppositories has a proven positive effect on prostatitis. However, using them, it should be noted that the course of treatment with them is quite long.

In addition to propolis, the following components can be used for the preparation of suppositories:

  • sea buckthorn oil;
  • honey;
  • cocoa butter;
  • butter.