The main symptoms are, when prostatitis

Approximately every second man over 50 years of age on the first hand, you know that it is prostatitis. This disease is an inflammatory process that occurs in the tissue of the prostate gland. As a result, there is a system failure, the urine. The symptoms of prostatitis for men is very specific. To avoid complications, people with more than 35 years in the recommended regular basis go through with a medical exam, which can detect the disease at an early stage.

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The causes of the disease

On the basis of the development of prostatitis is the infections. The inflammation of the prostate gland, can result in staph. aureus, e. coli and other micro-organisms that are always present in the human body. However, when the immune system works, no crashes, and no, they do not represent a danger. But that only happens with a reduction in the body's defenses, and the number begins to increase sharply, which leads to the development of inflammation. However, it's not worth the hit in a panic-everything will be all right.

The main cause of the development of prostatitis men's

Lead to the development of illnesses and other factors such as:

  1. Urinary tract infections, including those that are sexually transmitted trichomoniasis, and t.-d.). It is clear that the prostate gland, it communicates with the other organs of the urinary system.
  2. The stagnation of the blood. In men, the life-style that could be called a sidyachish in the pelvic area can occur in the stagnant processes, which is a provocative factor for the development of micro-organisms to do the job. After all, they can get into the prostate gland of men, and cause inflammation.
  3. The frequent the common cold. The prostate gland close to the proper of the intestine. If you have a stuck process is disturbed, the permeability of the vessels, and the total amount of the circulation of the blood. When the prison of the body, mass of faecal matter a long time in the rectum, and therefore, all of the allocations to the toxins and products of decomposition, they are able to get into your blood. This is often the cause of an inflammatory process.
  4. The stagnation of the seminal fluid. The lack of sex can cause a stagnation of blood in the pelvic area. This could lead to the death of sperm cells, and chronic inflammatory process.
  5. In the presence of men in any chronic disease, for even tooth decay can cause an inflammation of the prostate gland.

Some of the prostatitis

The inflammation of the prostate gland is accepted to divide into 4 categories:

  • That is sharp.
  • The chronic.
  • EsiMPtOhmtMATIC illness.
  • Prostatitis, chronic bacterial in origin.

A sharp glance is diagnosed, it is rare, and is associated with a bacterial infection, which is a different serious matter. The patient is given a sharp pain goes up your body temperature, there is a general weakness of the body. A visual inspection reveals an increase in the size of the prostate gland. This is the kind of disease that requires emergency treatment because it can cause many complications.

The type of chronic illness is associated with constant pain, which is concerned with the individual more than 3 months in a row. The analysis of the urine in this case shows the presence of micro-organisms to do the job.

EsiMPtOhmtMATIC the type of prostatitis has almost no characteristic signs and symptoms. From the little that is gained during the regular time of the examination or treatment of a doctor over the the other disease.

Prostatitis-bacterial-chronic-of-character, most commonly associated with the development of an active in e. coli. This may contribute to the reduction of the defenses of the organism, the operation of the pelvic organs, the presence of a source of infection. This is the type of the disease is marked slow down in the course of it, and its symptoms are similar to acute onset of the inflammation.

The common symptoms of the disease

The first symptoms of prostatitis, the man may be the following:

  1. The decline in libido may be the first symptom pointing to the presence of inflammation in the prostate gland. Erection, along with a healthy male should be in the morning. Prostatitis can manifest itself to the extent that it's going to happen in an irregular way, or delete it. If a man is able to understand that the penis is not able to become firm enough for sexual intercourse. The seminal fluid becomes a liquid, and dark.
  2. The urge to urinate during the night. In the male-dominated it is, the healthier it will not get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. The patient may disturb the sensation of incomplete evacuation. This is so that you can be, the disease is at an early stage.
  3. The feeling of pain with which you are confronted with about half of all patients with prostatitis. They are a pain to nature, and are focused on the pelvic region. The pain may occur during urination or ejaculation. Any unpleasant sensation that occurs in men of this area, and that is the reason for a visit to your doctor.

These are just the first symptoms of prostatitis, which is characteristic for each type of the disease.

Other symptoms include the following:

  • The discomfort to have a bowel movement.
  • A burning sensation in the perineal area and distal urethra.
  • The rapid onset of fatigue.
  • The psychological ohnetennostü, and depression.
  • In the urine, it can be seen in the mucous membranes of the thin filament.

These symptoms are secondary to, and dependent on the type and extent of the prostatitis, which can be almeida's body.

The symptoms of prostatitis, acute

An inflammation of the prostate gland, it has the characteristic symptoms of poisoning:

  1. The high-temperature range.
  2. A sensation of shortness of breath.
  3. The pain in his head, and WMtavna pain.
  4. The lack of appetite.
  5. The sleep disorders.
  6. The increase in the body.
  7. With the fever.

The development of the acute inflammation, may result in viruses, bacteria, and other micro-organisms. These agents may be present in the body. When the correct function of the immune system, all the agents are deleted, you can increase your immunity. But, in those cases in which that protection is being reduced, then the infection will start to develop, which eventually leads to inflammation.

The acute type of the illness often consists of the development of infertility, impotence, and, over time, develop into the chronic form of prostatitis, can lead to the inflammation of the testicles, and abscess in the prostate gland.

Any of the prostate gland in men, can be a cause of the education of the benign tumor (an adenoma) and one malignant tumor of the prostate gland (cancer). This is why it is important to realize that at least one of the symptoms of prostatitis, you should get help from a doctor.

the symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia.

More information on the acute form of the disease, " says the doctor of the higher category, the urologist-umdrolog Alex Kornienko:

How to determine prostatitis know of a urologist. For this reason, it is going to perform the rectal inspection, to be sent to the patient on the ultrasound, machine, or mri scans, and will make the analysis of blood and urine samples.

For the diagnosis, the doctor will be sufficient for the rectal inspection. In the analysis, and further investigations are needed in order to determine what has caused the prostate gland in men. Later on, this will help you to decide how you explaining and talking points for the inflammation of the prostate gland in a given patient. Each kind of disease requires a specific treatment. For example, in the case of an acute process, and are banned in some of the physical therapy.

The symptoms of prostatitis, bacterial

The reason for the development of this form of inflammation of the prostate gland, are the bacteria that cause the disease. The symptoms of the disease, in this case, it will be the same as for a man seen in the case of prostatitis are acute. This is due to the fact that the species is a bacterial inflammation and it is often the cause of the ' transition to a chronic disease that has periods of flare-up.

The treatment, if this is the case, it should be integrated with the nature. It is the appointment of antibacterial drugs, anti-inflammatory, the prostate massage, physical therapy, and to apply the methods of folk medicine.

Due to the fact that, in the context of any of you migrated to the infection (sore throat, sinusitis, bronchitis, osteomyelitis, and t. d.), it is possible for the development of an inflammatory process in the prostate gland of the patient, after recovery, they recommend you visit a urologist and to pass the exam, you will have the opportunity to identify the disease at an early stage.

When próstetete, which may have been caused by bacteria, the treatment consists in the assignment of therapy and anti-bacterial. This gives you the opportunity to not only quickly get rid of the pathogen, but that did not prevent the development of complications. When you do this, the more important it continues to be a timely call to the doctor, because he is a negligent attitude towards their health, this is the main reason for the development of a chronic disease.

It is very important to continue treatment even after you have finished the symptoms of an inflammation of the prostate gland. Because in 90% of cases of chronic prostatitis, for the reason that it is nednolehennnoth the disease.

The symptoms of chronic prostatitis

Chronic, or as it is also called a ebeparateReelünsth prostatitis is not associated with the bacteria. The main causes have become stuck in the process in the pelvis (the stagnation of the blood, the oxygen in the seminal fluid), or a deficiency in the body, men zinc. This is important to men's health the item brings, the manufacturing of the hormone, it improves the potency and reproductive function, protects the prostate gland from the disease.

They are also common symptoms of prostatitis, your ebeparateReelünnoth is present in pain, a pain in abdomen, groin, or thigh. More often than not these perceptions are distributed across their back and tail bone. The pain may upset the patient with a long period of time.

The therapy that is assigned to a health care provider, shall be for the use of anti-inflammatory drugs, and hormones of the funds, and alpha-adrenergic blockers and herbal remedies. In addition, it is given a prostate massage and a variety of physical therapy treatments.

The symptoms of prostatitis esiMPtOhmtehecparanogno

For the men, and the symptoms of prostatitis in this case, you are the one who is absent. So, to diagnose it, usually in the later stages, when the disease has led to an increase in the size of the board, and the significant disturbance of urination. Unveil your help in a clinic and the urine test, where the doctor is able to see a large number of white blood cells, and the presence of bacteria in the system. Due to the fact that this type of disease manifests itself, it can often lead to the development of a chronic form.

Aware of this, as is evidenced by the prostate gland in the early stages of man it is important that you pay attention to-night to pass urine, and a violation of morning erection.

For the treatment of chronic prostatitis

If this is the case, then the treatment plan will depend on the stage of the disease. If there was worsening, the therapy will be similar to what is required in the case of a prostatitis infection.

For your reference, is characterized by symptoms, such as:

  • Regular, but brief, feeling of pain, more often than not, that pull back to nature.
  • Disturbances of micturition (bumper, rubber, tart,frequent urges, and t.-d.).
  • With the development of depression, and the violation of the emotional state.

The consensus on the points and explaining and talking about the stage of chronic prostatitis is not. For this reason, your doctor will guide you through symptoms and give you medicines that will help to normalize the condition of the patient.

For questions about your treatment, reply the doctor of medical sciences, Antihistamines, Vladimir NoeparatHureh:

The approximate scheme of treatment of chronic prostatitis:

  1. The assignment of a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.
  2. The use of the drug, which is to provide for the outflow of blood and lymph to the inflamed area.
  3. The front desk emmtemnnomnodUHLtHur, which can contribute to alleviate the swelling, reduce the chance of blood clots, improves the blood circulation.
  4. Sedatives and anti-depressants to help us deal with the loss of sexual desire.
  5. To improve the circulation and strengthen the pelvic floor, the patient shows a therapeutic exercise, physiotherapy (electrophoresis, UHF, microwave hyperthermia, and t.-d.).

The prevention of prostatitis

To prevent the worsening of the illness, and the men who have been exposed to a diagnosis of prostatitis, you must deal with to prevent them. The main preventive measures are:

  • How to bad habits (smoking, harmful use of alcohol). If you leave the alcohol and this is not possible, it should at least restrict their numbers. The animals to drink 1 glass of quality red wine per day. If your talking about smoking, smoking harmful, it leads to the interruption of the circulation, for the sake of time, spazmirovannah of the blood vessels. Thus, the prostate gland, you may experience the deprivation of oxygen or nednopnoltemhetü needed it for the nutrients. Also, cigarette smokers often increases with pressure, which can also lead to inflammation of the prostate gland.
  • It is necessary to lead an active life-style.
  • To rule out the possibility of a stress. To do this, you can make a etemtnotRenengnom to consult with a psychologist. Not the least important switching business and pleasure. The end of the week, becomes actively involved, in conjunction with the family and / or friends. This makes it an excellent prevention of depression.
  • Avoid peRenoxleWdeneth, and a time to heal, to any complaints, disease.
  • It is important to draw attention to the fact that too much exercise can be just as dangerous, and that gepnodenemeEu.

To improve the strength of the male body, you need to:

  1. A daily basis to doing exercises in the morning. It can be easy to run or even physical exercise weight. This is an especially important rule for those who work is to sit all day in the same location (in your office).
  2. To improve the well-being of the aid in the amount of time. This type of procedure acts as on the whole body and the prostate in particular.
  3. Want to do is to visit the baths. But it is important to note that, after the end of steam rooms not to pour cold water on.
  4. It is necessary to enrich the diet of vegetables, nuts, seeds, brown, and green. However, it is necessary to restrict or even abandon the cycle for the dishes, and sauces.
  5. It is important to set up the sex life, avoid unprotected sex, or delaying the premature ejaculation.

To prevent the development of prostatitis and is associated with complications, any man with more than 35 years old must regularly pass a medical exam, and if you notice any of the symptoms of the disease, to seek medical attention.