The treatment of prostatitis in the home

The tools are different for each person, it can be just as effective, and doesn't bring benefit to you. But all the experts agree that the treatment of prostatitis, popular tools, it can be a lot more productive. In addition to this, in the beginning of the therapy, it is included in an integrated approach to the solution of problems of the prostate gland. The recovery of the men's health contribute to income, are tested at a time.

What is prostatitis

The prostate gland is an important organ of the male, and the shape and size reminiscent of a nut brown. Thanks to his activity, producing oxygen in the liquid which gives the sperm a chance to eat it, and if you move them, to reach their goal, the egg. Prostatitis is an inflammation of the prostate gland that is caused by a number of factors. In the majority of cases, the cause of the development of the disease, make sure of an infection.

Distinguish the various types of prostatitis, and some carry infectious in nature, while others are caused by the activity of bacteria in the system. In any case, the treatment is done through the intake of antibiotics and home remedies is a mandatory extension to the main point.

The Home treatment will be more effective if it fits in with the classic treatment offered by the doctor.

The treatment of folk ways

Care for animals in ways both acute and chronic prostatitis, it is possible. The most popular of the recipes, and recommendations in this respect include the activity, the physical and the application's useful to be able to men's products.

  1. Exercise

  2. In the treatment of prostatitis is focused on the systematic implementation of the exercise. The classes have played a major role on the way to recovery, along with diet and other treatments. The use of physical activity due to their influence on the movement of the whole body, especially in the pelvic region. Therapy classes, bringing the benefits:

    • They strengthen the walls of blood vessels;
    • To improve the working of the nervous system;
    • To reduce the intensity of the inflammation;
    • Enhance the vitality of the body.

    A set of exercises for the prevention of prostatitis

    For best results, the developed complex of exercises with a description of it. The one huge benefit they bring to the simplest of activities like: running, ab exercises, walking, and squats.

    It is important to carry out a complex of the form a consistent and regular basis. The most effective exercises to eliminate stagnation in the pelvic area, which can easily do at home to is as follows:

    1. Breathing to the rhythm. With a deep breath so that your stomach has been before, and then forcefully exhale, the stomach is retracted. 5 to 10 repetitions and the positions of standing, sitting, and lying down.
    2. The contraction of the rectum, to take on such a state of less than 10 seconds. It's run by as much as 20-fold.
    3. In the high heels. Only in the year to make about 100 jumps, until you feel fatigue in the legs.
    4. Standing on one leg, then the other, lift it and swing it in different directions. Then, the other leg of the switch-if not less-than 50 Gold.
    5. A great way to get rid of the trouble of the prostate gland – is a piece of string. Of the foot to push off to the side until you feel the tension, but don't overdo it, it is not worth the effort.
    6. Sitting on the floor with the legs extended, move it to the front to the back at the bottom. Do 50 of these a little bit.
    7. Do this at least 100 times in the side, in the NAME of standing with your feet shoulder-width apart, and tilt to the side, back and forth.
    8. Lying face down, planting a small ball and roll in her belly for at least 5 minutes, this is a great massage for the internal organs.
    9. Sitting on the floor with your legs stretched out, and you get to walk with the socks. And if you can, then you hold the ends with both hands, taking no more than 3-4 seconds. Repeat 20 times.

    These moves are applied, and for the prevention of prostatitis.

  3. Pumpkin seeds in the treatment of prostatitis

  4. The most popular product for the treatment of prostatitis the same name is a pumpkin. On the transport, and the quantum properties of the seeds of a legendary, they're still in the ancient times have been used for the treatment of diseases of the male. All of the matter in his or her own composition, a list of the qualities of the seeds from the pumpkin, and comes up with a solution to the problems of the prostate gland.

    The seeds of the pumpkin, and when the prostatitis

    In comparison to the other products are useful, for example, a source of zinc, they can make the chowder a second), and the seeds that are available to you at all. Enough, as soon as the first signs of prostatitis should eat 30 seeds per day. They are useful for the treatment of the implementation of the chronic prostatitis. They are used for the purpose of prevention of diseases of the prostate gland.

    The seeds of the pumpkin, it is not only prostatitis can be treated with the help of a chunk of the ball, or a pumpkin for the oil.

    A sweet dish prepared very easily in the house, pounds in the seed to lose in the grinding of the meat, and mix it with one cup of honey. From the body are then formed balls about the size of a walnut, and that they are kept in the fridge. Before you eat one time per day, eaten 1-2 of these balls, they should be thoroughly chew. Important: the seeds must be fresh, the skin clean.

    The carving of the pumpkin, the oil is obtained by cold pressing. It should be taken three times a day, to 1 teaspoon, or added to salads. The heat treatment is not suitable for the high temperatures, killing most of the nutrients. With the help of the pumpkin and the oil, you can do microclysters, goes out with a cotton-tipped swab, in the course of 10 treatments. The treatment will need to be 0.5 l.

  5. Shilajit and prostatitis

  6. When you are deciding on the question of how to cure a prostatitis, it can't be ignored is, as Shilajit.

    Shilajit is used in the following provisions:

    1. With the carrot juice. This tool will help you to solve all the common symptoms of inflammation in a relatively short period of time, please take a look at the first ten days of treatment, you you you you you you need to drink it twice a day, half an hour after the meal, with a glass of fresh juice to lose her formulation of 200 ml of water and 0.2 g of Shilajit. Next, in the periods of 20 days, the number of the Shilajit increases by two-times – in-a-cup-of-juice (0.4 g / l of the tools.
    2. Take the tool, it may be the juice heads. You are getting ready to compose in the same way that carrot juice. Agree on the drug before going to sleep and before each meal during the day, for half an hour. A glass of fruit juice to dissolve 0,3 g of Shilajit.
    3. Clear mesmolDova made from a mixture of 1 egg, and 0.2 g of Shilajit, a tablespoon or so of liquid oxygen, natural honey, and a couple of drops of sobrelepionage of the oil. Every time you make a rendering of the new, it is not stored. It is used on an empty stomach, 3 times a day, and before going to bed.
  7. Garlic counter prostatitis

  8. This pungent smelling spice that is used in the treatment of many diseases, and it contributes to the expansion of blood vessels and reduces the development of tumors, an important place takes up the whole garlic in the treatment and maintenance of male potency. Not necessarily, they should be added to the diet to prevent prostatitis well in lunch eat 2-3 cloves with the hot plate. To be confused with the smell of garlic, which can be a counter to the lemons.

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    For the purposes of the processing, it is used in the following compositions:

    1. 4 cloves large garlic, crushed, and tired all of the 3 cups of boiling water. Leave the mixture on overnight. In the morning, on an empty stomach, drink a cup, the same procedure was carried out in the evening before going to bed. Selling teas for the month.
    2. Useful for milk, the garlic, and the juice made from a cup of the liquid oxygen and warm about a tablespoon of the crushed spices and seasonings well, bring to the boil, it must be the composition for one minute, after insisting a little, strain it, and drink it throughout the day, before meals, with 2 tbsp.
    3. Alcohol is a tincture well relieves inflammation. She is getting ready for one of the 400 g of the fresh product and 0.5 liter of alcohol and insist that the mixture has, in a dark place. Take 20 drops are each and every day, in the morning and in the evening.
    4. The vitamin a in the composition is from 0.5 l of honey, lemon, and garlic, in equal proportions, is milled in a meat grinder and mixed up. Then, infused into the of the times up to 7 days. Drain the pasta will need two to three times a day before meals a teaspoon of 2 to 3 teaspoons of tea.
    5. The destruction of the germs and bacteria that is used in the garlic juice. Is your project out of 20 big teeth, and mixed it with the new one, and 20 teaspoons of tea. Dissolve the mixture with water and heating it, you need to boil it. After your infusion, you should strain it and use it 4 times a day with a spoonful of the soup.

    According to the experts, the role of garlic in the treatment of prostatitis is proven, but it is not so simple to do. Its transport and properties that allow you to alleviate inflammation, and improve blood circulation. But, if the disease is caused by a stone, and the use of the garlic will be.

  9. Honey products, and lip balm

  10. Honey is considered to be one of the most powerful ways to counter prostatitis, it can be used in its pure form, or do it with a candle. It is used for the treatment of pollen, its consumed in the fasting, a tablespoonful three times a day. In addition to the anti-inflammatory action, it has an effect on the whole body by feeding it minerals.

    In fact, the treatment of bee, a Pomeranian, and he is in 0.5 liters of cold water. The mixture is then heated, and the quiet of the fire to stew for about 2 hours. Juice and drink one tablespoon three times a day, and can be combined with the use of honey. It is stored in the received tool in the refrigerator.

    Transport and anti-microbial properties that it has and honey. At its base, is made of alcohol of the tincture, 40 drops, which is dissolved in 0,5 glass of water. Drink it before a meal, for the duration of the receipt of the 45 days.

    With honey you can prepare for the spark plugs, it is a great remedy for hemorrhoid. 40 g of honey are dissolved in a glass of pure alcohol, and evaporate until the receipt of the statement. Then, 0.1 g of tools, mixed with 2 g of cocoa butter, from the composition down to the candle, it must be inserted into the rectum before going to sleep. In the course of 30 days, repeat after 4 to 6 weeks apart.

    From the honey and the rye flour you are getting ready to sail, and 3 tablespoons of the soup mix in the honey and egg to form a dough. The candles are made up of thicker than about 1 cm, are inserted into them in the morning and in the evening, after the emptying of the bowels. The course of 1 month, repeated it a week later if need be.

    On the basis of products of beekeeping, and the Altai Shilajit, launched a series of policies to

  11. Supplements for the prevention of prostatitis

Among the dietary supplements, one can distinguish between two main types:

  1. The liposterolic extract of saw Palmetto berry
  2. The berries of the saw palmetto, to ensure the normal functioning of the prostate gland, as well as:

    • you have to have a positive effect on the prostate gland;
    • have a beneficial effect on the urinary system.
    • the prevention and the treatment of the impotence;
    • it has a beneficial effect on the urinary system.
  3. The other add-ons, based on the extact saw Palmetto berry, the content is necessary and useful for the human vitamin d

The cause of prostatitis

Before turning to the question of how the points are explaining and talking about disease of the prostate gland, it is necessary to understand the root of the cause in the first place. If that is the cause of the development of the disease has become infection, the main factor for their occurrence and reports it to the stagnation of blood in the pelvic area.

This phenomenon is the result:

  • To the evil ones.
  • The hormonal changes;
  • A seated life-style;
  • Little physical activity;
  • The constant stress;
  • Low, you can boost immunity;
  • To the forum.

The infectious nature of the disease is characterized by a blow to the prostate gland, infection of the bladder, the rectum, the blood or the lymphatic system.

Changing the life style

The main causes that lead to the development of diseases of the prostate gland, it's the poor nutrition and bad habits, the first step on the road to a healthy life by changing your way of life. As soon as the first signs of prostatitis, and after you have done the treatment, it must comply with the rules of the diet. Because a lot of times it is assigned to a special medical diet, which includes the following principles.

The rejection of a product with a high extract, it's a strong drink with an alcohol in the composition, sharp, salty, smoked, and canned product, salami, pickles, and preserves, soft drinks, fast food and beverages, for the production of dressings and sauces. All of these products are irritating to the mucous membrane, they are poorly digested and lead to build up in the body of water, and salt. This results in the appearance of bloating, constipation and stasis of the urine, which makes it more difficult for the treatment of prostatitis.

The diet should contain foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals. This is in the fresh fruits and vegetables, with the possibility not to expose them to the process of heat treatment, which destroys the useful chemicals, and reducing its nutritional value. It is important to ensure that your entry in the body Of vitamin c, which is contained in a large number of the berries of the rose hip oil, citrus fruits, red currants, black currants.

On the menu, it should be eaten with fat-soluble vitamins a and e, which are rich in vegetable oils and fish, and vitamin of the group, the higher its content in the cereal, the bread, the whole wheat flour. In the inflammatory process of the body's need for iron and zinc, which are not directly involved in the organization of the work of the organs in the body. They are rich in animal meat, nuts, seafood, and celery.

Not the least important, is the solution to the aggravation of prostatitis – stop smoking. It is worthwhile to understand how nicotine affects the body, and it promotes a decrease in the production of the male sex hormone – testosterone, pre-empt the work of the prostate gland, reducing the churn rate of the pelvic organs. This could lead to the development of chronic diseases, including prostatitis. According to their research, the scientists have proved that smoking increases the risk of developing the disease in men, after 35 years of age.

Live to the fullest, with prostatitis it may be, it is worth it. It is important to have an active and healthy life, to abandon bad habits and reduce the consequences of stress. And with the right prevention, you will greatly reduce the risk of developing the disease.